.NET MAUI & Xamarin.Forms UI Snippets

How to Contribute

If you create cool UIs in .NET MAUI or Xamarin, this is the place to be! You're welcome to add your created UIs and become part of our ever-growing library of content! Please keep in mind that what you are sharing does not violate the community code of conduct.

Add yourself as an author

To add yourself as a Snppts author you can fork this project, add yourself to the authors folder as a class, implementing the IAmAnAuthor interface.

The result should look something like this:

A few pointers:

  • Name the class after your first and lastname with PascalCase.
  • The FirstName and LastName property should resemble that same name.
  • EmailAddress, TwitterHandle and GitHubHandle should be pretty clear, TwitterHandle without the leading @.
  • The Website property can be your global website or whatever you want people to look at.
  • If you want to show your Gravatar go to https://en.gravatar.com/site/check/ and get your hash! If you don't fill the hash, you will be viewed as a silhouette.

Add your first snippet

To add a snippet you can fork this project, add your snippet to the Snippets folder as a class, implementing the IAmASnippet interface.

The result should look something like this:

A few pointers:

  • Name the class after the title of your snippet with PascalCase.
  • Provide a slug where your creation should be permalinked on Snppts.
  • Link your IAmAnAuthor object by creating a new instance of it. This allows you to post more snippets in the future!
  • Choose one or more appropriate categories for your creation. If there's no existing category that fits your creation you're allowed to add one but it will be reviewed upon submitting your PR.
  • With ImageUris you can supply one or more URIs showing off screenshots of your creation. Please make sure that these screenshots are all of a single screen, so no compilations.

.NET MAUI and Xamarin only please

This site is dedicated to .NET MAUI and Xamarin, so samples in Swift, Java, Objective-C and the likes will not be accepted. Since we will be looking at each PR we will reject any that are not about .NET MAUI or Xamarin.

The last step

A big step for monkeykind 🐵! Last thing that remains is submit a Pull Request to us and whenever it gets merged 🎉! You're on Snppts now!

Don't forget to incorporate the Featured on Snppts badge on your blog and link back to us! Enjoy all of our great content! Of course you are more than welcome to submit other features and bugfixes as well.